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Warpet Guide Empty Warpet Guide

Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:23 pm
Obtaining a new warpet adds a little power to our character permanently. Thats why we should aim to obtain as many warpets as we can.
If you go to warpet and then index you can see how much power each warpet gives and how you can obtain them.

Where to obtain warpets :
1) Hard,abysall and some legendary raids (lvl.50 , lvl 70, lvl 90 etc ) can reward warpets.
2) In exchange store for warpet signets.
3) In exchange store for Justice/Goddess Heart/Pet Fruit.

Whats the best warpets to have::
1.Goddess of Light (obtained from exchange store using goddess hearts )
2.Valkyrie Margret ( obtained from exchange store using justice hearts or from transcending Imperial Rose Alvit)
3.Imperial Rose Alvit (obtained from exchange store using justice hearts or from transcending Valkyrie Margret )
4.Sea Princess (obtained from exchange store using pet fruit )

The above warpets are the best in terms of power. However in order to obtain them you need to spend diamonds. Once obtained this 4 warpets can further evolve 2 times , first when character reaches level 60 and second when character reaches level 90 , using 30 goddess hearts/justice hearts/ pet fruit for each evolution to further increase their stats and power and change their appearence.

Which of them is the best?:
It depends, each warpet has unique skills and abilities. It is up to you to decide which best fitts in your playstyle.

Whats the best free to play warpet to have?:
In terms of power it is Trialar , but again it depends on your playstyle . All level 90 legendary warpets are good.

Upgrading your Warpet:
Warpet Upgrading can be divided into 4 sections.
Section 1 - Evolve
Section 2 - Items
Section 3 - Active Skills
Section 4 - Passive Skills

Section 1 - Evolve :
You can evolve your warpet using evolvore to obtain some extra stats , both in your character and warpet , and increase your power.
Evolving your warpet is pretty straightforward , and there is not much to talk about here.
You can obtain evolvore in a variety of ways:
1) As a drop from hard raids ,
2) From treasure maps which can be ontained from hard raids ( Recomended )
3) From fishing, certain types of fish can give evolvore (Recomended )
4) From store for 30 gems each. (NOT Recomended)
Keep in mind that reaching certain evolution levels can unlock extra passive skills slots for your warpet which can further increase your power as we will explain in section 4.

Section 2 - Items:
Each Warpet has six items slots , 3 slots on each side .Each slot equips a unique warpet item.
We can obtain warpet items from clearing endless tower.

Warpet Items Divisions:
There are four different divisions for warpet items , with each one of them having a unique colour.
1 Division - Blue Items - 3 Stats - awarded from endless tower floors 5-10-15-20-25-30
2 Division - Purple Items - 4 Stats - awarded from endless tower floors 40-50-60-70-80-90
3 Division - Orange Items - 5 Stats - awarded from endless tower floors - 100-110-120-130-140-150
4 Division - Red Items - 6 Stats - It is not known yet if they can be obtained from endless tower.

Equiping a higher division item on your warpet , has both advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages : 1) More and Higher Stats
Disadvantages : 1) More difficult to find obtain , 2) Require a lot more experience to level up.

Warpet Items Evolution:
Evolving an item to the next phase increases the items stats and can develop warpets skill power and chance.
The evolution of a warpet item follows this order:
1)Phases 1-3 : devours only advancores
2)Phase 4-7 : devours advancores and one item of same type and division.
3)Phase 8-11: devours advancores and two items of same type and division.
4)Phase 12-15 : devours advancores and three items of same type and division.
5)Phase 16-19: devours advancores and four items of same type and vision.
6)Phase 20-23: etc
That makes red items almost impossible to evolve without spending money to get them from other sources.
In most cases a high phase purle or orange item can give way more power to your character than a low phased red item.

Warpet Item Leveling:

Warpet Item Level and Division:
The higher the division of your warpet item is , the harder it will be for you to level it up.
With 8800 Warpet Item Experience ( 4 Blue experience fruits ) we can level up :
1) A purple division item from level 1 to level 13
2) An orange division item from level 1 to level 8
3)A red division item from level 1 to level 6
with 715000 Experience ( 5 blue experience fruits + 32 purple experience fruits) we can level up
1) A purple item to level 127
2) An orange item to level 74
3) A red item to level 51

Thats more than 75 levels difference between a red item and a purple one, which can make a hell of a difference in terms of power despite , red items having more stats.

Whats more?:
Certain types of items can give more power than others.
The bottom left side item slot , equips warpet items which give % critical damage and % critical immunity. Each level up on those can boost your damage , defence , and power tremendously, way more than the bare stats upgrade on other items.
Another item than can give % damage or % damage reduction is the middle item on ride side of warpet. However on that item these two stats are unlocked only if the item is orange or red division.

So how should i level up my warpet items?:
Theres not a certain way to go there.
Keep in mind :
1)Bottom left side item gives more power.
2) Higher evolved items give more power
3) Items have different stats, atk stats give more power.

With all this in mind, a general rule for  6 items of same division can be :

All items to level x.
Items with atk stat to upgrade to x + 5.
Items with higher phase upgrade to x+ 15.
Bottom Left item upgrade to x + 30.

X depends on the amount of experience fruits you have available.
Remember that this is just a general rule for same division items and it may not apply in every case.
Every player needs to experiment with recycle and find what gives him the most power.

Section 3 - Active Skills:
Each warpet has unique active skills with unique powers amd effects. Players need to experiment to find what best suits their playstyle.
Leveling the skillsb up is straightforward.
When your character reaches certain levels you will be able to upgrade your warpet active skills to a further level. The level up only costs gold.

Section 4 - Passive Skills:
Based on warpet phase , certain passive skills slots unlock.
We can obtain passive skill scrolls from timed event and from recharge, which can be placed in those slots to give great boost to our power and certain effects to our character.

Some of the best passive skills to have in your warpet are ::
1)Arcanum - 50 % ulty charge at start of a combat.
2)Silence III - 10% chance on hit to deal silence ( inability to cast offensive skills ) on enemy for 3s
3)Seal III - 10% chance on hit to deal immobilize ( inability to move ) on enemy for 3s
4)Venom III - 10% chance on hit to deal damage per second on enemy equal to 1,5% Max HP for at least 7 seconds.
5)Purge III - 10% chance on taking a negative effect to become immune to all effects for 2s , remove all negative effects and heal for 1% Max HP per second for 10 seconds , cd 20s.
6)Combo III - 10% chance on hit to remove cooldown of offensive skills
7) Ironwill III - 10% chance on hit to become immune to all damage for 5s.

Other usefull Skills:
Super Haste - 10% chance on hit to get 100% movement speed boost for 7 seconds. ( especially usefull to create or shorten distance against enemy )
Flash III - 10% chance on hit to remove dodging skills cooldown.
Asault III - 100% chance on using skills to deal 7% extra damage.

In general : all % damage dealing skills , all cooldown reduction/removal skills , all immunity/healing skills, all silence/immobilize skills.
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