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Fame Guide Empty Fame Guide

Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:24 pm
Ways to obtain fame.
1) 100 fame per day from killing other players.
2) 100 fame per day from helping players at least 10 levels lower than your character do their daily quests.
3)Minimum of 650 fame per 17 hours from master and apprentice quest. ( can obtain more !! , will be explained further )

Why do you need fame?
You can buy gear gems with it from fame section in store.

What to spend fame on?
Fame must be spend solely on level 5 gems to get benefit of the 20% discount on those gems.
Depending on the ammount of lower leveled gems in your bag, sometimes buying low level gems with fame could be worth.

Master and Apprentice Trick for Fame. ( Requires a second device )

When your apprentice reaches levels 25, 45, 55 you can claim fame as a reward. around 200 fame at level 25 , around 450 fame at level 45 , around 850 fame at level 55.
When your apprentice reaches level 60 , you can choose to let him graduate by talking to the npc that arranges marriages while you and your apprentice is in a group.
Graduating your apprentice gives at least 1100 fame .

1) 1 Hour before server reset , create a new account and character from your second device.
2) Level up the new character to level 21. ( takes about 20-30 mins )
3) Add your main character as a friend , and get your main and new character into a group.
4) From your main character , go to group , click on your new character and press m&a.
5) From your second character , go to group , click on your main character and press m&a.
6) A message should pop up in your main character chat box , saying "tap to take apprentice " with blue letters. Click on the message.
7) A message box will pop up in your new character , asking whether you accept your main character as master or not. Press accept.
Congratulation your new character is your apprentice now.
8 ) Wait untill server resets.
9) Level up your second character as much as you can. If you do it right you will be able to reach at least level 45.
10) Claim the 650 fame reward from masters and apprentice quest.
It is possible to take 1 apprentice per 17 hours.
11) After 17 hours , create another character and do the same.

It takes 3 days to level up your apprentice to level 60 and graduate him.
That means you can have the maximum allowed number of 4 apprentices active at all times. Leveling them up and claiming the fame from m&a quests.
With this method it is possible to have 1 apprentice graduating per day ! Claiming at least 2500 fame per day from m&a.

P.S. Your second device can be : an android phone or tablet , an iphone , ipad , macbook or mac pc , or a windows pc using an android emulator like bluestacks.
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