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Store Guide Empty Store Guide

Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:31 am
Pack Store:
What to buy
1) Vip Gift Packs - most of them give lots of upgrading materials such as evolvore, celestial feather , bootstones etc , mounts and other stuff  for a very low price.
2) Justice Chest - you can get 1 or 2 justice hearts per 3 chests , easiest way to get top-ranked warpets ( Valkyrie and Alvit )
3) Event Packs - depending on the event , not all events are worth spending diamonds. Some can have decent awards.

What to NOT Buy
1) Gem Promotion pack - plenty of other ways to obtain gems cheaper , this pack is only worth if you are lucky enough to get yellow or red gems( 2/6 chance ) , otherwise its worthless.
2 )Soulbox Value Pack - a very expensive pack which you can buy for free with guild donation from guild store - spending gems for it is not recommended
3) Warpet Upgrade Pack - the materials you can get from that chest is not worth the 1800 diamonds. With +200 diamonds you can get the cheapest giveaway pack which gives a lot more.
4) Enchant Chest - it is only useful to obtain red enchant scrolls which has very low chance - all other scrolls and dust you can get for free from abyssal raids and castle def.
5) Random Dye Pack - this is just for cosmetic reasons. You can change your hair colour with it. Not worth spending on cosmetics and you can also get it for free from wedding chests.
6) Galaxy Warlord Packs - The only reason to buy that pack is getting the galaxy warlord mount. This would require at least 60 chests bought - 12k gems. Definitely not worth the cost.

Normal Store :
What to buy
1) Plume Chest - A considerably cheap chest which can award plumes and plume upgrading materials - one of the very few ways to get those items.
2)Temple Badge - required to get rewards from Royalty Church
3) Holydragon's Mercy - An item that drops moral by 100 for 50 diamonds - only worth if your pk points are too high and you are % damaged per second which can be a big problem in guild escort - guild wars.
4)Wedding Ring - Costs 500 gems , it is worth to buy 1 ring to marry someone to get a title and a costume along with other benefits.( both players need to have 1 in their bag to get married.)

What NOT to buy
1)Costume Packs - they can either be obtained for free or the power boost they provide is not worth their cost.
2)Upgrade Materials - (Sages Stone, Sacrifice Crystal , Spirit core , Bootstone , Celestial Feathers , Evolvore , Astrastone , Relic Blood , Outfit Essence, Advancecore,Exp Soulbox,Advance Book ) - they are too expensive - there are other ways to obtain them cheaper or for free - it is not worth the cost for the power boost they provide.
3)Gems - there are other ways to obtain them cheaper or for free - there is absolutely no reason to buy them from there.
4)Rose - no reason to buy that item - you can increase intimacy for free from playing in group with friends - getting the title (100 roses - 10k gems) is not worth the power boost.
5)Fustone - You get that item all the time from recycling not needed gear. No need to buy it.
6)Def/HP/ATK potions - expensive items that can provide a good boost in your character for a short period -  not worth buying but can be used under conditions.
7)Mithril - cheap material - can be used to increase maximum gear endurance - only usefull if your high-end gear gets destroyed from getting killed - otherwise no reason to buy it.
8)Super Speaker - cheap item - can be used to send notification messages to world chat. Unnecessary item - useless effect. You get some for free from game quests.

What to buy
1)Demonistal - you can buy 2 per day - 1 is required to compose 1 thunder valley key - usefull item for obtaining sages stones from thunder valley
2)Boltstone -  you can buy 10 per day - 5 are required to compose 1 thunder valley key - usefull item for obtaining sages stones from thunder valley

What to NOT buy
1) -

Discount Store:
What to Buy
1) Gems/Evolvore/Bootstones - only if they are with 50% discount and only if you really need them

What to NOT buy
1) Gold Packs
2) Gems/ Evolvore /Bootstones - with 20% discount
3)Gems/ Evolvore / Bootstones - with 50% discount if it is not a very special need.

Exchange Store:
What to buy (if you have the pieces)
1) Red Warpets - pieces obtained from event chests or justice chests
2) Passion Outfit  - tickets obtained from event chest
3) Dark Weapon Skin Chest - tickets obtained from event chests
4)Full Apple of Eden  - pieces obtained from Royalty Church
5) Ice Wyvern - MUST HAVE MOUNT - pieces obtained from castle defence or event chests
6)Spirit Core - ONLY WITH DISCOUNT during certain events.
7)Galaxy Radiance - obtained from event
8 )Demonic Wings - obtained from event
9)Galaxy Warlord - pieces obtained from galaxy warlord pack ( not worth )
10)Wings of Void - best wings in game - pieces can be obtained from event chests - requires 80 pieces to compose void wings or 40 to compose icecrystal wings
11)Icecrystal Wings - pieces obtained from event chest
12)Black Fashion Outfit - pieces obtained from time event
13)Purple Passive Skills Books - pieces obtained from time event
14)Gear/Weapons - signets obtained from abysall/legendary raids. first buy the set items/weapons you have not yet obtained  - then buy gear items to recycle them for fusestones.
15)Atrastone/Skill Books - wait untill you have 72/80 evangels to get the large packs with 20% discount.

What to NOT buy
1)Outfit Essences for costume pieces
2)Blue plumes for evangels
3)Ultra Assault Book Pack
4)Celestial Feather for wings pieces
5)Bootstones for wings pieces
6)Magic Dust for Evangels
7)Astrastone/Skill Books for evangels with 10% or no discount.

Guild Store:
What to buy
1) Mount pieces for mounts you do not own - only with guild donation
2 ) Exp Soulbox - a good boost to your warpet at early game
3 ) Relic Blood with 20% discount - Best item you can buy from the guild store- very hard to obtain from elsewhere - can give massive boost to your power.
4) Soulbox Value Pack - buy it if you need to find soulboxes for your warpet - it is expensive and not very worth

What to NOT buy
1) Mount pieces that require diamonds.
2) Advancecores - after a while you will have so many you will not know what to do with
3) Exp soulboxes - after your warpet items reaches certain levels the boost provided is minimal
4) Relic Blood without discount

Fame Store:
What to buy
1) Lvl 5 Gems with 20% discount

What NOT to Buy
1) Hair Colour Dyes
2) Gems without discount
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