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Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:56 pm
Playing Daybreak Legends for free is definitely possible . However you need to know the following things.
1) Hitting the top rankings may only be possible in the long run, at first unavoidably you will be left behind.
2) Getting all items , including mounts/outfits/wings/bispirits/fiends will be almost impossible. However ,getting the best of each category may be possible if you play the game right and have patience.
3) You need to make the most out of your time in the game.
4) You need to have patience and save your diamonds.

How to earn diamonds.
There are 4+1 ways to get gems for free.
1) From daily quests , hitting the 300 points mark awards 100 diamonds per day.
2) From ranked matches , play 10 ranked matches per day to claim 60 diamonds rewards.
3) From Red Packets ,  you can claim 200+ diamonds per day from redpacketsif you are in the top guild of your server like in GerForce.
4) From Daily Sign In, you can claim 100 diamonds( 200 if you are vip2+) on 3rd,10th,17th,24th day of each month , and another 150-300 on 7th,14th,21st.28th,29th,30th of each month.
+1 )there are many and different ways to get google credit for free by doing simple tasks for google or google play. With this credit you can buy in game materials like damonds.

How to spend diamonds.
3 Simple Rules for spending diamonds.
No.1 Rule ) You dont spend diamonds on anything you can obtain one way or another for free in the long run.
No.2 Rule ) You will spend diamonds only on events for the top items of each category. These items are :
Outfit - Peerless Wargod Outfit
Wings - Phoenix Wings or Wings of the Void
Bispirit - Shadow Spiritus
Fiend - Destruction Fiend
Mounts -  Jade Claw
These items are only obtained through events and by spending diamonds.

No.3 Rule ) You will save diamonds untill one of the events we previously mentioned pops up. You will also need to prioritize your purchases.
Priority 1. Bispirit
Priority 2. Fiend
Priority 3. Wings
Priority 4. Mount
Priority 5. Outfit

In the meantime you will need to gather all the free items (mounts, wings , bispirits, fiends, outfits, weapons ) you can.
You will need to play in all daily events including hunger games/treasure hunter / demon invasion / guild events to develop your character.
As you develop your character you will progress in endless tower and get better rewards.
If you have finished your daily quests and there are no special/guild events , or when you are afk doing something else , go fishing with your character  , put your phone to charge and leave the game open. Fishing can provide good upgrading materials, but requires lots of time to find decend fish.
Try to always do your quests in groups full with guild members. You earn lots of guild donations from doing that which can be used in the guild store for mount or warpet upgrading materials.

You will need to be patient and work your way to the top little by little.
Follow the other guides on the forum for ways to maximize your experience gaining, ways to get high ending gear gems for free and other stuff.
If you want to spend a little money on the game , follow the recharge guide to learn how to get the maximum diamonds per euro and when to consume for maximum bonuses.
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