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Weapon Guide Empty Weapon Guide

Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:55 pm
Every new weapon you obtain, permanently gives a little power boost to your character. You want to obtain as many weapons as you can.

Where to obtain weapons
Blue Weapons : Hard raids
Purple Weapons : Hard raids and Abyssal Raids
Orange Weapons : Abyssal Raids / Exchange Store
Red Weapons : Legendary Raids / Exchange Store / Events
Gold Weapons : Gold Raids / Exchange Store / Events

Best weapons:
For characters level 1-40: Orange Weapon of your Level , or Gold/Red event weapon
For characters level 40-59 : Red Weapon of your Level , or Gold/Red event Weapon
For charactesr level 60-79: Red Weapon of your Level, or Gold/Red event Weapon
For characters level 80-99: Gold weapons of your level .
For characters level 100+ : Gold Weapon of your level or level 100 gold event weapon.

Which Gold Weapon is the best?
Appart from the usual minimum level required and stats , gold weapons have also unique passive skills and classes. Most of the times higher class weapons are better , but passive skills also play a role.

Some decent Passive Skills on Weapons
The wrath passive - makes your character charge stacks with every hit , at 30 stacks discharges dealing 1100% weapon damage.
The "....." passive - makes your character deal +198% damage per hit for 5 seconds every 18 seconds.

Higher class quals higher level passive skill, better or higher damage buffs on passive skill , and higher stats.

Spending diamonds to get an event weapon is not reccomended.
Lower leveled red/gold event weapons do not carry unique passive skills and they are soon outclassed by higher leveled weapons which can be obtained for free.
The permanent power boost weapon provide is between 100-500 power , very low and definitely not worth spending diamonds for.
Spend diamonds on event weapons only if it is level 100 red/gold weapon or if you like their appearance and want to shapeshift your weapon into them.
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